Monday, July 16, 2007

Current events

We are finally moved out of the old place. It took THREE 26 foot moving trucks plus our van (for the delicate stuff) and two regular pickup truck loads and a trailer. Damn man, that's TOO much SH!T. All I can say, is we better have one helluva yard sale soon.

So now I have internet access and can hopefully, get back to the better tasks at hand.

Since I have been moving literally every day for the last three weeks, it's time for a break. But there is no rest in the plan. We have so much chaos in our lives right now, it affecting our sleep, our attitudes, our logic and of course how we all get along.

The house we are in now is nice and big but the kitchen on the main floor is not set up very well. The former owner really did a crappy job in almost everything he touched. The rumor was he had electrical skills. Well, skill is not the word I think of. We had two electricians come in to take a look, and they both said the house should not have passed inspection. We have several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars worth of work that needs to be done because of his "work". Hopefully, we can do some of the work ourselves and save on the non-existent cash.

One other item is how the main floor kitchen was put together with zero insight. (I wasn't involved at all). The food is in four different and separate locations. Drinking glasses are in such a bad place everyone struggles to get at them. But no one is willing to admit they were put in a bad place nor will they move them to a better place. So I relish in a sadistic joy as I watch everyone struggle getting a freaking water glass.

I could go on, but I don't feel like throwing myself into a pit of negativity, there will be plenty of time for my bitterness to rise to the surface.

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