Monday, August 20, 2007

Concerning issues

Apparently I have pushed someones buttons. I got this anonymous comment:
Ok, after reading the latest on your website, I really must say that you have your self up on a high pedestal, and it is not only Brad and I that think you are truly an ass.

That being said, the only reason we read it, is so we can see how much you think of your self and see how big your head has gotten for the day.

I emailed the above this question:
Would you be willing to share exactly what has gotten so many people on a tear? (that's TEAR as in RIP, not tear as in crying).

Then got this anonymous comment:
You are an ass.

Never did get a response to my question. So, apparently my whole blog has been all about me. Well, yes, IT IS MY BLOG. From my point of view and my life. I guess it will be a bit biased. I still try to be pretty fair in my representation of the facts of life and the goings on.

So, when someone reads my blog only to see how big my head has gotten and it makes them so upset. Stop reading. Pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

The second "Anonymous" comment had nothing to do with the first and are from two different people. The comment of you being an ass was an obersvation that you don't take accountability and blame the world for your shortcomings. All the pissing and moaning detracts from the mix of organ donation and family updates. I've never met someone that has been so infatuated with himself quite like you.

causaleffect said...

I was pretty sure the second comment was from someone different. But yet, no one will post as themselves. It's not to drag anyone out, but you mention accountability about me, what about you? Everyone else? Everyone knows who is the owner and who is posting on this blog, I don't delete comments, yet. I have never said I was perfect. I post what I see and feel and what I experience. I'm not sure where anyone gets the idea that I am blaming the world for my shortcomings. If you can find a specific post(s) where I did that, I would love to see it. I moved the focus from organ donation to personal accounts after the recipient received an organ and was pretty stable. I can only post things like "took a nap" "is still tired" "ate lunch" so many times until it becomes stagnant. I agree, putting personal accounts of family activities was a mistake. As for the infatuation, that's funny. When I post things about "me" I am told to quit whining and stop being so self centered then when I post about the other people I am being an ass and unnecessarily focusing negativity on those around me while not "exposing" other people that I have no daily interaction with (ie extended relatives). Regardless, I can't please all of the readers. But I have never lied or misrepresented the facts. That's my goal. If I have been mistaken I will admit my error, like above when I said getting away from the organ donation was wrong. I am trying to move back to organ donation focus already. Thank you, whoever you are?!

Anonymous said...

hey there...this is my first read—my husband was lucky enough to be listd for 2 days when he got his liver...i find your insights insightful and genuine...thanks for sharing them....