Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Current events

I am heading in a different direction professionally. I have two photographers looking over my portfolio and am thinking about moving whole heartedly towards being a pro photog. Another local pro has offered me a 1/3 partnership. We will talk about this in more detail Friday morning.

I also got a call from "C" (you can see her picture here her daughter is an up and coming photog and she wanted to know if I could offer any guidance. Of course I will!

One of the things the recipient gets is TIRED. He naps for a few hours every afternoon and I think he's getting a full night's sleep. But after 3 months, he can do more things, but it really saps the energy. We worked together today on a workbench in the new garage. I could see him struggling with the tools and with his strength. While it's better than is was 6 or 12 months ago, it's tough to see him like this.

I put up a new link down on to the right, but here it is anyway there are many thing organ donation related on here. I haven't gone to far into it, but it's a plethera of info.

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