Monday, June 11, 2007

A new era

Over the past week to two weeks, I have been coming up with something of a new plan for my professional career path. Flash back to last summer when the recipient was really sick, we (actually just me) were thinking that if the recipient did pass away, we would fast track it back to the Great State of WA. Come fall, I was offering a slab of my own liver. Last November, I wasn't able to donate. This winter (February) the recipient received a liver. Spring=change, and we bought a house here north of Pittsburgh, thus securing our medium term stay, extending the 5 years that we (again, probably just me) would give Pittsburgh......sigh

Now, given my wifes penchant for being in a constant state of chaos, we are getting ready to move into said house. The recipient and spouse have most of their stuff in the house, and the flooring and paint is supposed to be going in. When I say "in the house" that's literally. The dining room and living rooms are FULL of their stuff. Both floors also have to be replaced so we will be doing a lot of move everything there, then move it again then move it AGAIN. Something I loathe!

So, that effectively brings you current.

The new era.....I would really like to head in the direction of a photography. Really! I would. Our new house has an out building that could server as an office/SMALL studio. I mean REALLY small studio. I also got a shot of hope from a Canadian web site that focuses on social change. You can see their images here Last month I was also reading about NGO's, otherwise known as Non Governmental Organizations. BIG non profits that are about bringing about the betterment of the world, one country at a time. The photographers that work for the NGO's are usually contract photogs. In some cases they are actually staff employees, but not often.

Right now I am in the discovery phase of the process. After I do my research, I will take the information I learn and to move forward by creating a non profit foundation/organization. File for the 501(c)(3) tax status. That will put me in the position of being able to request tax exempt donations from large corporations and individuals that might be sympathetic to organ donation and it's various associated causes. Right now, my cause is commendable, but I can honestly say, being successful puts me into the position of sacrifice that frankly, I am not prepared to perform. I don't mind working hard, but there has to be a payoff. My family can't eat off great pictures of organ donors. If I can actually pull a salary as a photographer, then putting 110% into this cause can then actually create some change. To wit there are 96,667 people waiting for organs this afternoon.

I have another photographer friend of mine that has offered to pull me in as a 1/3 partner. That should bring is some weddings and perhaps some team and individual portrait jobs next spring/summer. It's a tough gig to work full time on the weekdays, then shoot weddings and sports on the weekends. That's where I am not willing to sacrifice quite yet. The kids are young and I am involved, so I an staying on the side of caution before I jump headlong in to the mosh pit.

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