Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back, but for how long

Okay, these past several weeks are excruciatingly thin on updates. It' s by design and by accident.
I am going to side step Organ Donation for a bit and fill you all in on some things going on.

1) The bacteria referred to in a past post is treatable, but at a cost. The medication will destroy...well damage, the liver. Since the doctor (?) that diagnosed the bacterial issue, isn't in contact with the doctor/surgeon that has performed the liver transplant they just issued a medication that could potentially kill the recipient. Nice huh.

2) I personally have some changes currently going on. Some can't be detailed until they are done.

3) I am trying sort of hard, to find a new job. Hopefully I can be a professional photographer, but it will take a few more years of work before I get to that point in my life. With that in mind, read this web page and the top 100 things about a photographers job. You may understand why I want to pursue that as a profession.

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don_l said...

You're all about #10 on that photography web page, aren't ya??!! ;-p