Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Med Update

It's been a while since a med update and this one will be pretty sparse.

The recipient is still having problems with the three fingers of his left hand. There is little or no movement and they are always swollen. Because of the damage, he went in for an MRI Monday 4/9/07. The results are supposed to be back on Friday 4/13/07. So while I don't have a prognosis on that issue, it is, nonetheless, an update.

As for the rest of him, he is getting stronger every day. Little or no pain. His legs used to be really restless at night and has suffered from "charlie horses" for YEARS. It is my understanding, that all that has gone away or been so reduced in frequency that they are non issues now.

He does have sore knees in the morning, but it's most likely from the way he sleeps at night. He has also been gaining weight which means he is absorbing the nutrients from the food he eats and that means the liver is producing enzymes and functioning properly.


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