Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's been a week

First off, I got bored with the blog look so I changed everything. I still like the black background best but it's not the best for reading. I will stick with white until I find the right combination of text and color.

I am back from Nashville TN and wasn't all that impressed. Granted, I only saw Stones River civil war site and was downtown on Broadway during the day. At night with the sights and sounds, I am sure it's a much better place. I ate at a dinner theater restaurant that started to serve breakfast and lunch. Wellllll, lunch specials are last nights dinner covered in gravy. Probably would have had a better sandwich at Subway. It would have been fresher for sure.

In another post, I mentioned a bit of chaos in our lives.....good God was I right. After three days away, I came back to a house that looks like something you would see in a reality TV show. We have SEVEN people living on our rental house right now. Five adults and two kids. I am not hammering on anyone, it's just so many people and so much stuff. There just isn't anywhere to put it. We have bags of food on EVERY counter. The refrigerator....well, I am OCD when it comes to the kitchen. Everything has a place and dammit, make sure everything is in it's place. When I opened the door this morning, things fell out and I was about to freak on all who could hear. There was medicine, half opened bottles (with lids) and containers falling out. It was all I could do to not literally throw EVERYTHING AWAY and start over. I was not in a good mood at that point. Sooooo, I followed suit and picked the crap off the floor and THREW it back in the fridge. I didn't care who, or what. If you are missing something that is supposed to be in there, find it your self. It's probably in the back under what ever you put in there before that isn't supposed to be there but somewhere else.......DAMMIT!!

Okay, I have vented and the next post, being a few days late, will be regrading organ donation and the One A Day project.

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