Friday, May 04, 2007

You also see no differences

Okay, I have away from the organ donation part of this blog it's crazy. You will have to live with it for a month or two more. Then it's back to the right stuff.

Reading the headlines today I would really like to..........

Okay, I wrote a post and re read it, then I edited it, re read it then deleted most of what I wanted to write......

Of the two articles I was going to reference one was about some group in Austria that want to declare a chimpanzee a human. The other was a 17 year old Kurdish girl being stoned for having a relationship with a boy with a different religious background.

I cannot (well I can, but I won't) say what I really want to say on this blog. It would move the content so far away from the focus of Organ Donation.

When the subject of "differences" comes up with many people I deal with, I ask them to close their eyes and tell me what they see that is different. Not what they remember, but what they can actually see with their eyes closed.

The usual response is "I see nothing". Then my answer is "then you also see no differences".

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