Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Making it up as I go

It is May 2007 now. Last month, April, was National Donate Life Month. I saw ZERO national efforts regarding organ donation. I watch the news (NBC Brian Williams, ABC nightly news and CNN) on my iPod at least 4 of 7 days a week. In all of April, none of them had a story on organ donation. Locally, I don't watch the news since I am editing pictures at night from the previous weeks events or I am sleeping.

It is pretty disappointing to say the least. But in all fairness (because that's what I am about), I wasn't out there doing interviews or getting portraits either, so I am not pointing a finger, just making an observation.

I looked back on the numbers and unfortunately, I didn't do a good job posting last month. My post on Mar 26 shows 95,611 waiting for organs. April 10 shows 95,978 and May 1 (today) shows 96,254. There was an increase of 643 people waiting based on those numbers. Of course many have been added and dropped because they got organs or they died waiting for an organ. Out of the 36 days between Mar26 and May1, it averages just over 17 people per day being added to the list. 17.8 actually.

All of last month, I wore a Donate Life pin. It's a red heart/ribbon type of pin. I put a sticker on it with the number of people waiting for an organ. The first day I wore it, someone asked what it was. Yesterday, someone else asked. I don't remember anyone asking at any other time of the month. Very strange indeed.

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