Friday, May 25, 2007

Southern hospitality

In all honesty, I was a mark. But (I hope) it became more than that.

"C" needed more numbers. And truthfully, the first words that I digested were "5,000 free miles".

Funny, that's what I need to get a ticket back home for my 20 year reunion this summer. She asked me to fill out a credit application. Quickly showing me where to sign, fill in and check there, there and there. It was rushed but if I actually had time to think about it, I am sure I wouldn't have done it....but that 5,000 free miles was my enticement.

I slowed and tried to have a conversation with "C". She had numbers to get and I wasn't helping by keeping her from the "zone". Airports are a target rich environment, but time is fleeting. Her numbers were impressive. Much more than I would have thought.

After I filled out the application, I watched her. Well, I watched for a couple of reasons. One, she was dynamic. Very engaging. Secondly, she's beautiful and had an incredible southern voice. She would engage the passengers as they went from gate to gate. Some would slow and several would approach. Her style was all charm and hospitality. In between her attempts to get applicants, we would engage in small talk. Before long my plane was ready to board so I had to move along. After I checked in, (I was flying stand by) I returned to ask if I could take her picture for a project. We discussed the One A Day project and her standing on organ donation. She got involved many years ago when a family member got sick. Organ donation wouldn't have helped in that case, but it was still something that was near and dear to her.

Currently, she helps raise money for sick children. She had contacts to celebrities and creates events involving these celebrities and the children. But she is a behind the scenes person. Ironically, I put her front and center in my camera and she shines.

You can see her picture here:
or all the OAD images here:

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