Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Timing is everything

Yesterday, I was perusing a site I frequent very often. www.sportsshooter.com which has some of the worlds greatest photographers as it's members.

I delve into the main site every so often but I read the forums most. but since I am not a member of the site, I cannot participate, post or view some parts of the site......

I read a forum post from one of the members and replied via the email feature, which I can use. We struck up an email conversation that was very, very nice. We had a few things in common and it lead to a discussion about a few things including organ donation, our pasts, our futures and dreams.

The photographer is an organ donor, has a family member that received an organ, and is also struggling with someone near and dear that may be in the early or middle stages of liver disease. We talked about the difficulty dealing with someone that isn't necessarily in denial, but refuses to accept help or seek treatment.

Our conversation went in other directions too, but I was struck by the casualness of our email conversation.

I had asked her early on if she could spare some time to review some of my own images I that have made in the last year or so. Having a true professional photographer review your work is always beneficial and scary. Most photographers are pretty critical and detail oriented. We are our own worst enemies. And having a "peer" (and I use that term loosely since I am not a "true" professional (yet)) review can only benefit me as a budding professional photographer.

To view her work, head here: http://www.jodygomez.com

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