Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cholesterol LDL , HDL or BDSL

I am at my second Holiday Inn ("HI")of the week. I checked out this morning at one in Council Bluffs ("CB") IA (Iowa) expecting to go home today. Well, it didn't happen. Now I am in one in Omaha.

Today is review day. No pop quiz either.

Both HI's have crappy Internet connections. Perhaps many lonely business travelers are surfing porn sites, but still, these connections should be better. At the CB HI, I couldn't access Bloggers log in page. ((Yes I did a restart, dump my cache and all that technical stuff)). At the HI I am in now, the connections are just plain slow. The SB HI also was a smoking room and I could tell. It was horrible, but there was a residual odor. It looked great from the outside, but you get into the rooms and you can see the mileage those rooms have received. ((I won't make any crude "mileage jokes here")) but I am laughing as I type.

This Omaha HI is pretty nice. The rooms are very clean and well equipped. They are under going a remodel, so there is a bit of a mess outside. My only complaint is the leaking toilet. I'm already unpacked for the night so I really don't want to change rooms. When I first heard this noise, I thought it was a "piccolo-pete" fireworks going off outside. A semi loud whistle then it tapers off. But I went into the bathroom and realized it was the leaking toilet. So, I shut off the water. BAND-AID.

BTW (by the way) my title references cholesterol LDL and HDL the good and bad kind. The BDSL means "Bad DSL" as in Internet connection. :)

.i'm in one of those moods. (where only I understand my really bad/dumb jokes)

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