Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Words to live by

Josh is one of the recipients I keep in touch with. He is just shy of his 1 year Transplantiversary. He spoke at an Atlanta hospital for parents that have children waiting for an organ. Here is some of what he told me:

The Q&A was awesome. It was a ton of fun. It was a very informal meeting which had me and another transplant recipient sitting at the head of a table and fielding some rapid fire questions from parents. I found it pretty exciting because you didn't really have time to "think" about your answers. It was very honest, up front, and occasionally funny because of some of the answers. I think that the parents were relieved to see that their children still had the potential to be productive citizens and live a normal (what is that anyways?) life.

Many of the parents of these children are scared about relationships with others as well as how much activity their children can handle. Most of the questions centered around relationships, exercise, and getting a job. I am sure that as a parent those are some of the top things you want to be good in your child's life so I was kind of expecting those type questions. I think some of the parent's fears were calmed.

I was invited back this summer to do sort of the same thing with a group of 15-20 year old recipients and those waiting. I am excited about that as well.

I also talked to him about the article that was blogged about last week. He does have a cap but wasn't all too worried about it right now. The state he lives in also has a program for organ recipients. Not all states have these programs and most likely, aren't all that advertised.

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