Friday, March 16, 2007

Close but no cigar

Over the week in NC talked to several people about organ donation. Nearly all of them were literally seconds or just a few minutes. I handed out a few cards and in a few circumstances, I was able to actually hold a conversation with someone.

The young woman at the Philly airport didn't transpire. I was at the airport, but my flight from RDU was late getting there and we were of course late leaving. Thus, late getting to Philly. I was at the PHI airport, terminal "D". Except the I arrived there just after 5:00pm so she may have left by then. I looked down to where we met on Monday, I didn't see the kiosk/table she was at. So I just got into line for my flight back to PIT.

That flight was late too.....then once we got on board, the pilot said the plane had to be powered fully down and according to the FAA passengers cannot be on board when that happens. For me, it's all good. For others, it was ALL bad. No one really had a cow.

When we re boarded about 20 minutes later, the younger/high school passengers too it upon them to try and sit in the "first class" row. But this airline doesn't have a first class. Me...I walked straight to the LAST row, window seat.

During the time we were waiting to takeoff and the other passengers to board, I struck up a conversation with others around me.

((My dilemma: I want to be accurate without divulging the careers of these people))

We talked and discussed organ donation and who in my life had received a liver recently. They allowed me to take pictures but had to recant after a short conversation. We did have a good talk and although the loss of the images was a personal disappointment, the overall goal of the Organ Donation Awareness project is AWARENESS. The portraits are secondary.

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