Friday, March 02, 2007

Who or what next

Okay, this week I have managed to piss of:
A few family members
My wife
My kids
My boss
My neighbors

I woke up today with a small headache. Knowing full well it would turn into a migraine. It must have been the three sweet teas I had at lunch Wednesday. It's the caffeine that does it for me.

Today, I was performing an online transaction to help a very dear friend out. The card was declined. Well, several phone calls and an hour later my card has been flagged as possibly compromised and the credit card company won't tell my why or how. So my account was closed.

Normally, this probably wouldn't bother me too much. I only use the card for traveling. Well, I am traveling MONDAY MORNING. ALL my expenses go on this card that is now closed.

I must have shit all over my Karma at some point in the past because there aren't many people I haven't pissed off this week. It looks like all my bases are covered.

.damn it, this week SUCKS!!!!!.

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