Friday, March 16, 2007

Med updates

I have been remiss in my updates for the recipient.

He was released from the UPMC system last week, Friday 3/9/07 (I hope that's the right date). He was home over the weekend and went back for some blood tests Mon 3/12/07. The results of those tests allowed him to stop taking a few medications. His blood (diabetes) is out of whack so he must test his blood often. Prior to the surgery and new liver, he was able to control it with his eating habits, if you can call it control....LOL

This morning my daughter updated me with her version of his health and well being, "he's doing awesome!" she told me.

Today he had another checkup and it resulted in a few more medications being removed from his daily regimen. The fewer the better right?

As of last night, the only leaking he had was from the incision under his arm. I don't have an update regarding the three fingers on his left hand. So I will assume they are better but not 100%.

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