Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zoom zoom zoom

I am driving a VW Passat this week.

Out of all the cars I have driven on my travels these past two and a half years, this ranks second. The reason it isn't first, isn't all too clear. But lets review the VW:

It's sporty. I had lots of head room. (A small little thing that matters to me).Few blind spots if any. I can see next to me and behind me easily when doing a head check. The gauges are nice red and electric blue. Very cool at night. The acceleration is very very nice. Not so much for the gas guage, but great for ACCELERATING AND MERGING into existing traffic. Something W-PA drivers could learn!

The seats are leather in my model and could use a little more depth. You slide a bit and I haven't been driving crazy. Maybe it's the teflon pants I am wearing. They are all the rage now.

I haven't listened to the radio or CD, but it has an AUX input so I could listen to my iPod. I would assume it will sound nice. By the way. The car is quiet. Except when accelerating and you can hear the motor winding up. The accelerator pedal feels like it's in three stages. First is slow idle like creeping up in traffic at a stop light. The second is on acceleration. It gets real stiff then BREAKS free. The car surges at about 20 mph. That's probably the one thing I don't like about the car. It needs a S M O O T H E gas pedal. It can be stiff or soft. But needs to be smoothe.

What was my first choice? The Cadillac CTS. It the more sporty of the TS series. I think....I have driven the DTS, the B I G New Jersey/New York "family" style of cars. I felt way too small. Or the car ws WAY too big. I couldn't even fit my arms on the arm rests. But the CTS was a little smaller. At least it felt that way to me. I am sure I could have my models mixed up. Sorry 'bout 'dat.

So, VW or Caddy....since I can't afford either it really doesn't matter.

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