Thursday, March 01, 2007

Next on the agenda

The recipient is still having problems with the pinky, ring and middle finger of his left hand. Initially they thought it was from pressure from an IV in his under arm. Then after that came out, the numbness and limited movement was still there. Today, a physical therapist (I think) came by and the current thought is this is a result from a possible stroke. They will be doing some more tests to see if that's the case. But it's been over a week and I am sure the residue from a stroke will be long gone my now.

Regardless, they are looking at moving him to a physical therapy floor where he can still be monitored for the liver donation as well as begin physical therapy.

The doctors looked at the "bed sore" and they said it's not a bed sore. They haven't told us what it is, but they say it isn't a bed sore......

We may never know if he had a stroke. But in hindsight, he did have some really bad slurred speech. Of course, I am very positive it was from the medication. Then again, I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night, nor do I play a doctor on TV.


Josh Carpenter said...

Sorry to hear about the treatment you all are receiving at the hospital. I dealt with a little of that. Does the hospital have a dedicated transplant floor? They do at Emory, which I think helped a little. Hope things start looking up on that end. How are the liver numbers looking? Keeping you all in my prayers.

don_l said...

Stroke. Not good. MRI time.
I, too am sorry about the care (or lack thereof) that you're receiving. And will keep you all in my prayers.

causaleffect said...

Thank you both for prayers. I know prayer is a powerful and very real thing.
He has been getting better care since his two kids raised a ruckus.
As for the's hasn't been confirmed or tested for. But they didi use a stroke like evaluation with his fingers. Since his speech and legs aren't affected, it most likely isn't a stroke, per se. But we still need to keep an eye on everything.