Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend update

Physical therapy (bike peddles, stairs and other exercises)
Occupational therapy (remove marbles from macaroni noodles and other exercises)

That's about all I have from last week. Since there isn't anyone there on a regular basis, I am not getting my updates. Yes, our visitors have all gone home. Now is the calm before the storm so to speak.
I am heading out of town tomorrow on the first of three consecutive trips in three weeks. The recipient will be in the hospital for about another week at least. But it appears that those three fingers in his left hand have not gotten any better. It is entirely possible (remember I don't play a doctor on TV) that he might have nerve damage. There is an incision under his arm (the armpit) that has a dozen stitches in it. So if a doctor decided to slice into that area for some reason....a nerve could have been cut.
If there is ANY positive outlook with this specific situation, it's not his writing hand. Hopefully, through therapy he will regain control and fine motor skills but I am very sure it will not be a short term fix. We are probably looking at YEARS and YEARS of therapy and even then, he may not ever get the fine skills or strength of the pinky, ring and middle fingers of his left hand.
**NOTE: If I get corrected on the assessment and outcome, I will post a correction.

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