Monday, March 12, 2007


I was heading to Raleigh/Durham NC for the week and I had a flight change so we stopped in Philly. With about an hour before boarding, I decided to walk around the concourse for a bit before taking my place in line to board my Southwest flight. I have to say, my flight form PIT to PHI was a little bumpy, but the plane was nice. It was comfortable and not very full. I think this is my first experience on a SWA flight so it was a good first impression. If this was the typical experience for SWA, I might make them a larger portion of my air options for travel.

Back to Philly.

I walked down concourse D with no real direction to go. Well, left or right is all I can choose from so I choose left. I actually wanted a smoothie, but alas, there were none to be found.

Towards the end of the concourse, there was an Air Tran kiosk/table set up with two young women running the show. As people approached, they did a great job of trying to pull in various travelers to slow or stop to hear their spiel. As the man in front of me was targeted, he mumbled something I couldn’t hear, but the young lady at the booth noticed me looking at her with a big smile. (I was smiling and she was smiling).


Since I made the cardinal sin of eye contact in the course of a sales pitch, she said “I see you laughing” My reply was “I’m smiling, not laughing”….

I didn’t hear her own retort but it was very pleasant. I kept walking a short distance more then came to the end of my proverbial road. No smoothies there either.

As I returned back, I knew I had to go through the gauntlet. She was looking at passengers coming from her left. I was approaching from her right. By the time she turned, I was already within a few feet.

You came back?” She squealed.

Of course”. I went on to say she had a difficult job….and she interrupted (nicely) that “why is it so hard?” “I get to talk to lots of people, I hear where they are coming from and going to”

We went on to talk a little more about her perception which was all positive. As we spoke, I looked in to her brown eyes and couldn't help but think that she would be so much fun to be around.

Finding an opportunity, I mentioned that I too have to approach strangers, asking them about their organ donation status and in many cases, I ask for a picture. She happened to be an organ donor. Her reasoning was that she won’t need them (after she dies) and if they can be of some help to others, then it what should be done.

After a few minutes of talking, I tried for a photo, but she used her current hair style of pig tails as the reason of her denying my photo op. It’s okay, I told her. While I like to take pictures, it’s still about the awareness of organ donation.

I did ask that if I am coming back through Philly on Thursday, if I could perhaps seek her out for a photo? She said yes. It will be very rare opportunity that I can get a second chance for a portrait. I can say that when traveling, I never get a second chance

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