Monday, March 26, 2007

A return to lucidity

We went shopping this weekend for the birthday of a current visitor. The recipient was dragged along to the mall and I was actually able to talk and ask a few questions. Since most of the conversation was just conversation, I don't remember a lot of the details of what was said. Then again, I had a specific question I wanted to ask and the rest was more or less verbal fodder.

I wanted to know if he was happy that he made the decision to go ahead with the transplant. His response was "yes". The reality was that it happened to him very fast. A phone call, then admittance to the hospital and hours later up on the guerney to the operating room.

He did say he doesn't remember anything (or at the most, very little) from the time he went to the operating room until he went to the 12th floor. That was several days after the surgery. Even though we all had short conversations with him, he doesn't remember any of it. From the time he arrived on the 12th [floor], then memories come back to him but covered in some haze. After he had been there a few days, it becomes more clear until his move to physical therapy. Then it's business as usual since he's been home.

Right now, there is some major fluid retention in his left hand. The same hand (and three fingers) that has been affected by the damaged nerve during a operating room procedure. His legs and feet swell quite a bit too. But even though those are obvious issues, he says he feels better every day. We just need to figure out why the swelling is happening and how to prevent it and to make sure it doesn't turn worse.

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