Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Afternoon Update

Earlier today, while I posted about the pain and suffering of another party, I failed to update the status of the recipient.

He is doing well.

Let's summarize (according to my recollection and second or third hand accounts).
Mon 2/19/07 (mid/late morning) The recipient received a call from UPMC saying they might have a liver.
Mon 2/19/07 (early afternoon) They received another call stating that the liver may still be available and that you should think about coming to the hospital, but there is no rush.
Mon 2/19/07 (less than an hour after the second call) A bit more frantic, the transplant coordinator wanted to know why they weren't at the hospital yet.
Mon 2/19/07 (2:30pm) The recipient the wife and the daughter all head to the hospital. Not sure if this is the real deal or not. They check into UPMC and begin the battery of tests necessary in order to determine if he is viable and capable of receiving an organ.
Mon 2/19/07 (late afternoon/early evening) Other family members arrive as he is in the ambulatory area waiting to be assigned to a room. Early indicators are still in line with actually receiving a liver. Documents are signed and verbally discussed. But no doctor, nurse or otherwise has discussed how the procedure will actually progress nor what the expectations are to be for the evenings events. The initial time frame is 9/9:30 pm for either a word or an actual start time for the transplant.
Mon 2/19/07 (8:00pm) The recipient is wheeled up to a room with a view. At least for those not lying on the gurney. A duo of nurses come in to go over meds and the current days activities. The 9/9:30 time is still being floated.
Mon 2/19/07 (9:/9:30pm) A new time has been tentatively assigned and it is 12/12:30am. We inquire about the donor and no information will be given nor confirmed. Let me guess, HIPAA.
Tue 2/20/07 (2:30am) Time to head into pre-op.
Tue 2/20/07 (4:00am) Surgery begins.
Tue 2/20/07 (7:00am) The sick liver has been removed. Only issue and it's a non issue, is that the small portion of the liver that still sort of works has enlarged and it was tough to remove.
Tue 2/20/07 (7:00am) The new (to him) liver is being transplanted.
Tue 2/20/07 (10/11:00am) He has come out of surgery and is doing well. There are all sorts of tubes, IV's, and the like in, on and around him. He is still under anesthesia (type that three time fast) and will remain so for a couple of days. We have been told that he will be in intensive care for a couple of weeks. Of course it all depends on how well he does. AND of course if the liver is accepted or rejected. These first few days are critical.
Tue 2/20/07 (11:15am) A family member arrives at the airport. It's been a long 13 hours and the Atlanta Delta Airlines crews are on a shit list that isn't all too pleasant to be on. Good luck to them.
Tue 2/20/07 (3:30pm) We see him for the last time today and head home. Everyone is going to try and get some much needed rest.

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