Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not happy news

Today's report from UPMC is not so great. Apparently, the recipient isn't getting the necessary care. Today, after being in the hospital for a week, he has a decent sized bed sore. It's not abscessed or anything. Yet. But with a wound of that type, infections are very possible.

I have mentioned before that hospitals aren't exactly the cleanest facilities around.

Since he is taking medications for organ rejection, AND he is borderline diabetic it puts him in a precarious position. Not to mention the hospital staff isn't always following proper hand cleaning procedures. Today, they came in, rubbed the anti biotic germ killer lotion on, gloved up and putzed around with the bed. The dirty, rarely gets cleaned, germ infested bed and controls. THEN, they used the same gloved hands and started to mess around with the recipient and his bedding and such. HELLO, that's what gets people sick!

Another report today was that yesterday, the doctors removed an abdominal drain tube. Which seems a little premature to me (to us). This morning, he was wet with leakage and blood from the area where the tube was removed.

I wonder what the insides look like?

The recipient isn't one to complain, but today, he was point blank asked if he is getting the care he needs. He said "no". That's got to be pretty bad when he says that.

Sunday afternoon, there was a patient alarm that was ringing for roughly an hour. One of our family members went to the front desk to see if there was something WE could do to help the patient. The staff effectively passed it off and never did go attend to the patient.

It seems that the 12th floor, South has issues at UPMC.

To finish things off, or at least start things going, a ruckus was made today. Two people that you would want on your side, made noise. Pretty soon, there were doctors, several of them and a bit of yelling and possibly some finger wagging. Things changed but only time will tell if it's for the better. Better care that is.

Our family has had it's times in various situations in hospitals. If there is one thing you can take from this blog. NEVER leave someone alone for a length of time in a hospital if you can help it. TAKE NOTES. Dates, times and activities. Usually, that is my job. No one else will do it. But when you have a document, the staff notices and subconsciously or even consciously, it makes for better care.

Over the next few days, we will be paying closer attention to the care the recipient gets. He isn't the only one there and we know it. But he's our charge too.

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