Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Can Feel It

Through the dry cracked lips and harsh raspy voice, he said he feels better. Even through the constant pain, he knows the liver and himself are getting better.

Those words weren't what I expected to hear. But again, I really didn't expect to hear anything. Or much about nothing. But he said he can feel it. We talked about small things. He was pretty alert but drifted off every so often. The more we talked the more coherent he was. They took out the intubation tube late last night or early this morning. You can tell it bothers him still. But as always, he won't let you know it.

I shot some pictures of various family members that were here. Two more came in today. The two that show the most support are now here (three in total). These two have also visited the most in our four years here. So their presence truly is no surprise. We're glad to have them.

I looked through the pictures tonight and it was shocking to see how yellow his skin was. I have never really noticed it. But under the fluorescent lights and against another person as they were holding hands, I could see how bad he had gotten. I have also been told that his color is coming back. So at this point, I will trust those that can see the difference. I am almost ashamed to say I could not, or did not, see it.

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