Sunday, February 11, 2007

A few more numbers

I was on the CDC website and found these numbers on deaths from all causes (the link is a PDF file). I pulled out a few that most would recognize. These are TOTAL deaths as reported and gathered by the CDC.

The OPTN data (from UNOS) that I cite often on this blog is specifically based on organ donations and those that are on the transplant list. As you can see, with the 6,000 deaths OPTN data) I have reported in the past, there are actually over 26,000 (CDC data) that die just from liver disease. The 6,000 (estimated 17 every day) are those that are waiting for an organ.

Disease 2004 Deaths
Heart disease: 654,092
Cancer: 550,270
Diabetes: 72,815
Influenza/Pneumonia: 61,472
Motor vehicle accidents: 43,947
Liver disease: 26,549
Homicides: 16,611
HIV: 12,995

It is not humanly possible to save every life. Nor can every life be extended. I bring up the numbers more to aggregate the law of averages. Eventually, you will experience one of the above issues. Either in you, your family or a close friend.

Organ donation will not help many of the above health issues, but some of them it will directly affect. PLEASE, be an organ donor and talk to your family about your wishes.

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