Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What winter brings in

There is about two or three inches of snow on the ground. It started late last night as a trickle. or more like a flurry. It was very light almost like winter fire flies as the snow flakes were lit from the street lights.

This morning, it appears that few of the roads have been taken care of. The area has been expecting this snow storm to come in for a few days now. So I guess they are all waiting for the now to be real deep then they will put out the plows and the salt. Oh well.

Since the it was so slow in going. I decided to pit stop to see if I could get my hair cut. Lo and behold, they were open.

I gave my name and the stylist said it would be a minute.

It was chilly in the salon. I don't get cold much, but I noticed it soon after I walked in the door.

It was my turn. I sat down and the stylist turned my collar down to put the nifty white paper necker on me and asked how I wanted my hair cut. "3" please. "Are you sure?", "it's pretty short". Well, I am pretty sure. I rarely get my hair cut and i know it's more of a summer cut, so let's go with a 3.

She again offered to start with something longer just in case. But heck, it's only hair and it will grow back. Besides, I ALWAYS wear a hat.

She snapped on the #3 and I heard the buzz of the clippers. She pushed the clippers to my head and in one fell swoosh, I was flashing back to my first military hair cut. But back then, I was the smart ass of the group. I asked if they could just take a little off the top. To my surprise, he did only take a little off the top. He just didn't stop until it was nothing but stubble and skin.

Back to the present. I can feel a cool breeze on my head as my hair is getting shorn off in large clumps. Hmmm, perhaps I should have started with a longer cut. Oh well, too late now! She continued to cut away all of my hair around the base of my head. Boy, that looks short. I think the last time I had it cut was mid summer or early fall so it's about time anyway.

As she was busily working on my locks, I jumped right in and asked if she was an organ donor. "Yes I am" she replied. We talked about her family being very giving. Being an organ donor was something she definitely believed in. Her mom....not so much. She thought that if you are in a coma, the doctors wouldn't save you so they could get the organs.

I went on to say that while it is possible, after all, the systems is being run by humans and we are NOT perfect, it's not real probable. There are just too many risks and other moral and professional issues that doctors face when in that situation. But boy I hear it so often.

My cut was done and I was paying. I handed her my card and asked if I would be able to take her picture for my project. She was just as enthusiastic as when we first started to talk.

Of course, you can see the portrait of "S" on the flickr page here. She has incredible brown eyes and great lips. As we talked, she mentions that she changes her hair color often. I was able to see the brown with highlights. But she has done other colors like blue and red.

As always, I am grateful for the time people spend with me. She was fun to talk with and I can only assume she has many stories to tell, from a stylist point of view.

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