Friday, February 16, 2007

Where is my compass

Normally, I try to plan things out so as to cover anything that might arise. Of course, I don't get it all right all the time. Heck, I probably don't get it right even part of the time. It's probably more that I think I am in control, yet nothing is controllable.

When I was starting on the journey of being a liver donor I know I was going to document the process in some fashion. I thought about keeping notes, then a book, then the blog now it's the blog that will be a book. I wanted to keep it on the blog rather than a thing. I thought having the blog would be a better way of keeping things simple. Then when the newspaper thing never materialized, I decided to photo document it myself. That's where the flickr site came into play. Honestly, I didn't want the photos on the blog for some reason. Again, it might have been simplicity. I wanted the flickr site to be photos only and the blog to be words only. When I put together the business cards I only put the flickr site on the card. Of course, from there, you can see the link to this blog.

Lately, I think in my attempt to be simple, I have seriously undermined that attempt and harmed my desire to be legitimate as well. Now I know the blog is fine, but by separating them into two very different objects, I think it has caused a serious division and of course, has ceased to be simple. I now have two sites to update (technically three when you add in the wordpress mirror of the blog).


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