Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This day started with a big fat "F"

I am pretty sure the stresses of the month are building. No, I am absolutely sure they have been built and are threatening to fall the hell over crushing me under it's weight. Yesterday, actually last night, my wife took the kids to the hospital. You can read those accounts on last nights post. She had some late work to attend to so I waited at Barnes and Nobel to get the kids from her. I wandered around, actually enjoying the 45 minutes or so that I had to myself. I got the call and met the wife and kids out in the parking lot. They had been driving my wife crazy. You know, being kids. We decided to forgo dinner for a bit and head back into the bookstore to see what was on sale. Eventually settling on a couple of art and history books. Then it was off to dinner.

Last night, really good. This morning, not so much.

I got up a little late. Last night our dryer wasn't working very efficiently so I had to baby sit the damn thing. It heats up, but doesn't dry. I checked the lint trap and hose, they are clear. There is hot air but the clothes don't seem to dry. It took FOUR hours to get half way through a load. But I could smell a burning/hot scent so I turned off the dryer and went to bed at nearly 1:00am. Now we have a dead dryer (or at least wounded) with a half wet load of clothes and a washer with a very wet load of clothes.

Once I finally got up, I had to motivate my sleepy head child to hit the shower ASAP. Not an easy task. I then headed down to make breakfast where my youngest was already eating and reading my blog. Which was pretty cool, I must say.

I hurried to make breakfast for the other one then went up and showered and dressed my self. After I made it down stairs, I had to sign a grade report that was very, VERY disappointing. But I couldn't dwell on it, nor could I fix it then or there.

I then realized we were about 10 minutes late and tried to rush the kids and myself to the car. I saw that there was lunch making materials EVERYWHERE! My youngest was making lunch for himself and possibly getting stuff ready for his sister since he didn't think she would want to buy lunch today.

"F*** !"I screamed!

Everything STOPPED.......

"We gotta GO!"...."NOW!!!!"

It was deadly silent by the time we all made it to car. As I looked back to my kids, I saw tears in the eyes of one and uncertain fear in the other.

Seeing this, I said "I want to make it crystal clear. As clear as a clear blue sky. I am NOT mad any either of you." "Neither of you have done anything wrong this morning." I added.

I went on to say, "As your dad, it is my responsibility to get you up, make you breakfast and get your lunches ready for the day." "I failed to do that today."

My words had little bearing on them. The damage had already been done. They took it upon themselves as the creators of this situation and nothing I could say would change that.

My day went from okay, to bad to worse to F***ed up in just a few minutes.

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