Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When will this day end

I am sitting here on the bathroom floor. My son has been throwing up for about 4 hours now. He is curled up in fetal position on a small rectangular lilac shag carpet between the bathtub and toilet. He won't leave the bathroom because he doesn't have the strength to walk to the toilet to throw up. He doesn't want to use our "puke bucket" either. ((The 'bucket' is an old plastic bin from some trip to the hospital a few years ago)). It's pretty tough to see your kids sick like this. Of course when you are holding their head up so they don't bounce their teeth off the porcelain altar, it's very up close and personal.

I told him one time it would make a great picture. Her peered through his arms as they held up his head and peered at me with a thousand yard stare.

""he whispered.

Another round of dry heaves go by. It looks like we will be sequestered in the bathroom for the night. He has wrapped himself with three towels for blankets and a rolled up towel for a pillow.

Is that a twinge in my own stomach, or is it just the day catching up with me?

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