Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Different kind of news

My wife got promoted yesterday. A few weeks ago, the Front End Assistant Manager put in his two weeks notice. Then several phone calls to my wife started. A few co workers wanted to make sure she knew of the opening and for her to apply for the position. After a few rounds of interviews and the final one with the building manager, she went in today for an impromptu meeting. A few minutes ago she called to tell me she was selected for the Assistant Manager position. Yeaaaa for her.

I know most of you will find this disappointing. But with things going on as they are, we need her to have this job. It will allow us to bring in a little more income than with her part time and me full time. We can sock away some money and get some finances moving forward. Which we are not able to do right now. Also, with me donating a liver, or planning on doing such, my current company doesn't have short term disability coverage. We will have to rely on the recipients insurance and donations to cover everything.

It sounds harsh, but refering to where my liver may end up as "the recipient" sounds so cold and unfriendly. But I vowed to keep most personal artifacts out of this blog. So, some things need to be cold and unfriendly.....

Yesterdays test was most likely the last test to be performed before a green or red light is given. Results are supposed to be available mid to late this week. Yes, I am being repetitive, but I don't know who actually reads bottom up on here.

The activities report at the clinic/hospital/office were a bit unnerving. Now let's reflect on most surgery tests. They tell you to not eat or drink past a certain time and in some cases you have to take certain liquids to ensure the tests are good (not for yesterday, but in some cases). Well, when the blood tests were taken (given?) the recipient (already slightly dehydrated from no liquids and hungry from no food) ended up having SIX attempts. Well maybe five attempts and a sixth successfull draw. The skin was welted up from the poor application of a blood draw. Then a witness said the nurse grabbed hold of the wrist and squeezed very hard, apparently in an attempt to make the welts reduce in size. Hello?!?! What kind of garbage care is that?

((In another story, a young child was getting a test done too and the staff was trying to convince the family that the young girl was to be sedated for the test. The family was concise and vocal that the doctors orders said NO SEDATION. The staff at the office continued to try and sedate the little girl.)) I am not sure of the outcome. But this sounded more like the three stooges running the asylum than caring professionals in charge.

Still no call or contact from the newspaper or photographer either.

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d_loud said...

congrats on the job!! bummed it'll be that much longer, but happy for you nonetheless.
11 years old??!! can't believe it!
how "the recipient" was treated....doesn't surprise me. have had similar problems, myself.
good luck and god bless you all!