Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I screwed the pooch and other things

Well....I'm here in Atlanta and wondering what the heck I could do when I am not working. Go to a movie...nah. How about Coca Cola World....maybe.....Hard Rock Cafe ~ "seen it!".....CNN.....liberal ba$terds, NOT GONNA DO IT!......hmmmm, what else can I do.....GO TO THE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this is the second trip I have taken and not brought my camera along. The first time was a test to see if I could "be away from it" for more than an hour. This trip was to confirm that the dang thing isn't a ball and chain. Kind of like AA for photographers. COLD TURKEY.

I screwed that up. This weekend is a NASCAR race in ATLANTA. What the hell was I thinking? Me.....a NASCAR fan (not that you can tell from my screw up!) and I totally dropped the ball that they are racing here this weekend.


I leave Friday.....unless I have some problems at work and have to stay another night......insert evil laugh here.......

Still, I will (probably_) never leave my camera home again. Repeat "one billion times..."

On another more somber note (I love to kill the joy).
Here are the latest transplant numbers.
Waiting list candidates as of today 7:52pm
All 93,583
Kidney 68,400
Pancreas 1,736
Kidney/Pancreas 2,412
Liver 17,089
Intestine 237
Heart 2,832
Lung 2,888
Heart/Lung 145
All candidates will be less than the sum due to candidates waiting for multiple organs

Transplants performed January - July 2006
Total 17,170
Deceased Donor 13,232
Living Donor 3,938
Based on OPTN data as of 10/20/2006

Donors recovered January - July 2006
Total 8,670
Deceased Donor 4,730
Living Donor 3,940

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