Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rambling tumbleweed

Not too much backlash from my mass email yesterday. It's becoming interesting. In person you communicate with many non verbal actions. Crossed arms, eye contact, facial expressions and the sort. Then there is the tone, pitch and volume of actual verbal communications. But a blog, doesn't contain any of those things that are soooo important to a human to human interaction. Being me, I also tend to be more direct with my sense of humor and wit (?). Those that know me, know my sense of humor (sic). I care, I wonder, I keep in contact. I love innuendo. I press forward and ALWAYS remember the past. Willing to take a risk while accepting the blame. It might not be crystal clear, but I often retrospect and introspect. It makes me.....ME!

The general consensus is that you all would expect me to something like donate a liver. I heard the term "Crusader". While I think of Patton, Marc Antony, Dr. King, Rosa Parks and other major historical figures as crusaders. I looked the term up on I obviously don't put myself on the same level of historical figures, I did like what I learned. The definition of Crusade is: a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm. Thus one that takes on a something with zeal and enthusiasim is.....a crusader. I accept this moniker. Thanks LP. You should know from your own trips to A and G.

Another thought might be that the docs find something wrong with ME. I have had migraine headaches for years. Maybe it's a tumor..."it's not a tumor...." Ala Ahhhnold Schwartzenegger (Kindergarten Cop). LOL I have another headache today. Same place same intensity. But I am going to tey and wait this one out. I suppose Red Robin for lunch will placate me.

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