Friday, October 13, 2006

Medical update

Still no word on the results of the recipients tests on Monday. They should have been back Tues/Wed, but they won't return any phone calls to the Dr. office. Nice customer service.
I suppose we should hope for "no news is good news" but in thise case, info NEEDS to be communicated.

There are two more tests next Thursday but I think those are standard procedure and not go/no go tests.

The editor of the paper contacted me to see what the news was, so it's good we are still on the radar there. But it would be nice to have an article going to perehaps keep things moving. Then again, the world doesn't revolve around us. There are others with perhaps more dire needs. We must be patient right. Arghghghghg it's tough and stresfull.

Well, off to the plance to head to Philly then Pitt. See you later. Bday #11 for my "dream come true". Of course it's Red Robin tonight. Wouldn't have it any other way!!!

The wife also congratulated herself on her promotion with a new car last night. I guess I have to keep working now instead of stay home to take care of the kids. Now we can pay a babysitter to take the kids to dance, soccer practice, wrestling etc when I travel and she rides to work in a new car. Hmmm,doesn't sound right to me. But hey, I will get down home time when they cut the liver out....... :)

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