Monday, October 16, 2006

Over there, over there, the links are over there ----->

As I run across things interesting, I will put them in the body of a blog post or things I like to read....will be over to the right.

The two newest links are to "Blog-ah" a mil blog of a soldier in a Stryker Brigade from Fort Lewis. My link to this blog of the soldiers in a Stryker Brig. is the boyfriend of the daughter of my sister in law. Whew, say that three time fast. He is not the blogger, but he might show up in the blog sometime. Straight from the horses mouth right. BTW~ His name is Mauro (pronounced Mario). Here is a specific article with him in the bottom picture.

What does this have to do with donating a liver? Nothing. But it is my blog. :)

Also being a photographer, there is a link to a combat photographers blog. Or you can go here.

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