Monday, October 23, 2006

Time waits for snowman

That was actually a title of a Greg Stump ski movie in 1985 click here for the IMDB reference. He made some good edgy movies even if you aren't a skier. You should also check out Warren Miller's stuff too. Those are the gold standard for ski movies.

I heard that there is another blood test today. (Not for me). But then we MIGHT actually get an idea if the liver tranplant will go ahead. Well, that last part is wishful thinking. I don't expect anything at this point in the game. Which I believe to be early in the first quarter.


It snowed for a while today. Not a Buffalo NY snow, but heavy flurries none-the-less. Maybe it will stick around. I missed some great shots of the fall leaves turning color. It's that dang WORK thing that keeps getting in the way to really great photographs.

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