Monday, October 02, 2006

I have passed the first test. Without studying.

Dateline Portland OR - While on a job assignment, I received a call from my wife that indicated her dad (my father in law) is in need of a liver. She asked my blood type, in which I had no idea. "Red?" I thought. "Look on my dog tags in the basement" was my vocal reply. We chatted a bit and I could hear her concern in her voice, then hung up. Later that day, she asked, with trepidation if I would consider becoming a live liver donor. My blood type was a possible match for her father in his quest to get a new liver. My answer was decidedly fast, "Yes", I would be willing to donate my liver (or parts of it) to her, my, OUR dad.

Backstory - He was not feeling well and we had all known his liver wasn't in the best of shape.

Forward to current - He had the appointments all lined up, gave his blood, took the psych evals and then the results came in the form of a phone call. He is a candidate to receive a liver. The transplant team believes his age and health will result in a successfull surgery. They're the experts.

Dateline Pittsburgh PA - I have considered the transplant and want the story to be followed to possibly become something bigger. Call it a vanity. Call it different. Call it what you want. Good, bad or otherwise. A 2006 Pulitzer prize for photography and writing went to a great story about Marine grief counselors.
Jim Sheeler of the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo. and Todd Heisler of the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colo. were collaborating on the story. While I don't want a Pulitzer...(okay, I would) I would llike to offer an opportunity for a photog and journalist to be able to do the same. I have extended the story idea to a local newspaper. Tomorrow, I will have the first talks with the photo editor.

While I want to share my story, my in laws are not as eager. I am waiting for the "answer" as to their decision to have a photog/journalist to include them in on the story. It might be a make or break deal, but I will sure push for this to happen.

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