Friday, October 27, 2006

The more things change, the more changes there are

I know the many of my posts aren't liver donor related.....sorry 'bout that. But until something liver donor related actually happens, this can be a slow moving blog or I can post cannon fodder.
I choose cannon fodder for now.

Weather caused all of the delays and cancellations. Wind is on order for the eastern seaboard tonight. Hopefully, it won't reach several hundred miles inland when I am in the air.

I started out at the airport at about 3:00pm. My flight was originally set for 7:55 departure. Then it was changed to 9:50. At 6:45pm, they changed the flight to 7:30. Then at 7:00 they changed the gate. At the new gate, they didn't know the Pittsburgh flight was assigned to them. Finally, about 7:45 they said Pittsbugh will depart at 9:46pm. Whew.

It's 8:00pm now, lets see if that sticks this time.

Being Friday, there aren't any changes or updates on the medical front. I have three weeks to be concerned about my liver biopsy and the milkshake straw they will call a needle that wil be thrust into my abdomen. Lets hope it only takes a single time and two or three.

I am really hoping that I get a pass to bring the media along. Maybe they will take better care of me then. You know, I will have a witness. :)

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