Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There's a story there, you just have to dig.

Last night, I received the blessing on having the newspaper follow do a story about the transplant. I must say, I was surprised. I thought I was going to have to fight for this one. The two of us have very differing views on communication. She calls everyone by phone (more control ???) ((not "controlling", just in control of who knows what)) and I put it in an email, web page or in this case a blog (lazy ???) for the whole world to see (ie, no control). (pssssttt, don't tell her about this blog). Anyway, I am pretty sure I won't end up on Technorati or Wired, but hey, it might be my (our) own 15 minutes of fame.

I received a call from Douglass Oster the photo editor of the Post Gazette in Pittsburgh. He has assigned photographer Steve Allen, to us....that sounds weird....and we should hear from him sometime over the next week or so. (I assume). We will then have a family sit down so the photog can go over what the expectations will be and other items. Not sure if there will be a journalist assigned. I suppose it depends on if they think it will actually become a story.

New developments - There has to be a few more tests to perform next week to make sure
everything is on the up and up. The doc wanted to double check a few things before the go ahead is issued. So, next week could be the time to press forward, or a time to return, gather and head another direction. No, I didn't include details, because I don't' have any. Yet.

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