Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Remember, the closest exit may be behind you

I travel a lot. Averaging twice a month, but unfortunately only 40k miles this year on US Airlines. Only 27k are applicable for a frequent flyer classification. Sigh. I can get a subscription to some magazine though.

MSNBC despite their slant is a good news site. This article made me chuckle and those of you that fly will relate.

My favorite line of the article (these the readers pet peeves):
Security, obviously. “Have you looked at the TSA website lately? They do not list whether you can bring iPods or MP3 players on a plane (something that about 50 percent of travelers have), but they take pains to list that you cannot take cattle prods, ninja throwing stars or nunchuks. DUH!”

No Cattle prods, well there goes my trip to Nebraska!

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