Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally a med update

One of the more enjoyable activities when blogging is coming up with the title names.

Actual news.
Since I am not identifying the recipient by name, I can be somewhat assured I won't suffer the "wrath of spouse" if I mention some of the afflictions. Then again, no one can be assured of safety and security of a spouse scorned, right.

SOME test results came back yesterday during the appointment.
The recipient suffers/is afflicted (?) from/with "Varices" med definition here The basic definition (?) is enlarged veins. This is in the espophagus (sp?) and intestines. Very bad if one bursts or begins to bleed.

Still waiting for results from some biopsies that were performed. Not sure when they were done, but we are still waiting for the results. I think we are still waiting for the results of the tests that were performed the week of Sep 25 (or Oct 2?), I don't remember when they were done. Heck could have been last week (Oct 9).

Here is another quiant office visit story. The appointment was for 9:00 am. Morning traffic "dahntahn" is like any city, horrible. Well, they made it quite nicely and after the arrival, it looked like there were "45" other people in the office too. At 10:00 am, my spouse was getting close to "that line" (the one you don't want to cross over or have crossed) and told the nurse/staff that they will be seen at 10:00. It wasn't her (theirs/our) fault that the Dr/nurse/staff made appointments with dozens of other people at the same time.


I can't wait until it's my turn to go through this fiasco. But....but....but....(he he) I may be able to leverage the media along this portion of my own journey. If the paper (and this lowly blog) are being used for good, maybe the customer service (?) will be a little better for me. Time will tell.

I will give the photo ed an email to let him know what the current status is. Shich is a holding pattern. STILL.

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