Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Follow me as I take advantage

The blog, the newspaper, and a few other things coming up are all about pushing the "cause" to the extreme. I haven't been one to take on some things half assed. Granted I might be lazy, so there are some things I just don't want to do. Others, I go beyond normal expectations. This happens to be one.

I am sure some will say this is a selfish, self serving (redundant?) thing that I am doing by asking the paper come in for a story and put all this stuff in a blog. Hoping for (my) 15 minutes of fame. Welllllll.......they're right. AND wrong.

I have been put into a situation, and since I think in strange ways, I want to take advantage of this situation.
Is it for my benefit? Yes. Will anyone else benefit? Yes. Can harm be done? Yes. Have I thought of all the ramifications? No. Have I though of all the good things that will come? No.

What's on my mind? I have given a lot of thought about the possibility of me dying on the operating room table or after the surgery because of complications. It is a very strange feeling to know, or think you know, that my life could end in a few weeks (months?) or so because I have decided to become a live liver donor. I will have to make peace with my God before that time comes.
The thought of death brings fear to me about my family. Especially my kids. As most any parent would tell you. Their biggest fear is the death or loss of their child. Second is to leave them prematurely. I want to be there to cry like a fool during my kids wedding(s). You want to see a blubbering mess? Play "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle or "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. I want to help teach them drive and comfort them after their first crush goes awry. But the desire to extend the life of someone as a donor is very strange indeed.

I have been teaching my kids to take advantage of opportunities. I have the opportunity to help save a life. I have the opportunity to bring a little more light to something like live donors, liver transplants and I am sure a host of other things that will crop up in the coming months. Will it become as big as I hope. Probably not. But I hope to be ready to follow that path when it presents itself. Follow me on that journey will you? I am taking advantage of life.


kt said...

you wrote: "I will have to make peace with my God before that time comes."
did you think I wouldn't comment: THE TIME IS NOW!!!! ??? if you thought i wouldn't, how wrong-o you were!
make your peace today, brent! why wait??? He is always awaiting you...patiently...but you could die toDAY... you don't need 2B on the operating table for that!
Where would THAT leave your kids? Wondering? THAT, my friend, is the most important decision to make. But i THINK you already MADE that decision long ago, right?
Interesting blog, my friend. I do know someone (close friend) who gave PART of her liver to her daughter in desperate need. They are both doing quite's been like 10 yrs! =)
God Bless! -katie=)

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Ms. Katie! Brent knows our glorious Father is waiting for him, he just needs to hear and answer the knock!

causaleffect said...

Please, do not post anonymously.