Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Babble babble blah blah

The site isn't for the faint of heart or conservative in you.
While I expected some edginess to it, it's nearly offensive and that coming from disconcerting.

I think the site has potential. The writers and bloggers on the site have a nice new venue and they are driving their shiny new car. But there are too many "F" bombs in a few of the blogs for even me to be comfortable with.
With that being said, deeper clicks make the site look like it's made up of blogs. In and of itself isn't bad. But now I feel like I am viweing an aggregator. Nothing like MSNBC that's for sure. (Not that I go there much). Okay, I do. AND

There are regular columnists, features, products, reviews and more. The site is designed for the URBAN, (read "city") DWELLER family, NYC for sure. There might not be much for the parent living in Walla Walla Washington but rest assured, if you can get past the semi offensive language, it's might be a resource.

We aren't all the same cup of joe, that's for sure.

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