Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back at ya

Today is Christmas Eve. I wish everyone a great Christmas day and New Year filled with love, joy, understanding and acceptance.

My daughter has had friends over these past few weekends for sleepovers. Then on Saturday like the millions of others, we go shopping. Oh...Joy!

Actually, the shopping is my idea. It gets us out of the house and into an environment that I can observer my daughter with her friends in a neutral place. THE MALL.

My wife and I have raised our kids with the main goal is to understand that everyone is different. Not every one drinks chocolate milk or eats broccolli and cheese. But we also teach them it's good to be first. Work hard, learn hard play hard. It pays to be a winner and be the first in line, first to answer a question and first to offer help to someone.

It seems to me......that what is being taught in this particulay geographic area, is that my opinion is the only one and I am crudely going to tell you what it is and I hope you feel uncomfortable about it.

Backstory: We were heading down the road to the mall and movies came up. My daughter said she wanted to see "Night at the Museum" at the Imax. Friend said "That movie looks retarded." (long uncomfortable pause) When I piped up that I want to see it too. My daughter was relieved that she had someone in her corner. The friend wasn't sure what to say next. (She was probably thinking I was retarded).

Another conversations was on food and she used a word that is used very often around these parts. HATE. It is one of a few words I don't tolerate very well. I informed her she "dis-liked" or "didn't like" or even "really don't like" but we don't use the word hate in our house. (Another long uncomfortable pause).

Is she a bad person. Absolutely not. Different, yes. Good for my daughter....time will tell. But one thing for sure, is that she speaks up for what she believes in and what she want's. Something my daughter could learn from. Both my kids actually.

Most of the kids their age are raised from what I call the "steel mill mentality". It's still around and it burned in. West coasters either adapt or get run over around here.

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