Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I call bull$hit

I mentioned almost two weeks ago that our neighbor offered to call the Living Donor Coordinator to see if it would be possible to become a donor to the recipient.

Well, I have talked to them a few times since then and nothing has come up.

So, I call bull$hit on the offer.

Is it fair for me to air out the dirty laundry here before I confirm if the call was made? Probably not, but I am anyway.

To be totally honest, I doubted the reality of the offer in the first place. Many people will make verbal offers like:
Person: "If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know."
Crusader: "Well, yes there is, call this number and see if you can donate to the cause."
Person: "Oh, you mean like do something?"
Crusader: "Yes, 'something' would be good."
Person: "Um, well, I think I have laundry that day....."


I'll eat my words tonight, but I need to vent and post right now.

If anyone calls the Donor Coordinator, then they get back to you that day or the next business day. Heck, I got a call on Thanksgiving morning, so this is something the Coordinators don't dawdle on. With some people, a day can mean the difference between life or death.

The primary factor of the neighbor (not) donating is the spouse. While they mean very well, the significant other isn't really capable of supporting the whole family during a signifacant time of medical recuperation. You can only survive on pizza and BBQ for so long. In order to have left overs, you have to cook first. Right?

Let me re-phrase that. Capable, YES. Willing, probably not.

Let's see if there is crow for dinner tonight. Come back later to find out.

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