Monday, December 11, 2006

Truly touched

Everyone wants to be recognized. But when it happens, sometimes the reults are not what you would have expected.

I blog for many reasons. I have had a few iterations of a personal web site. Beginning with the free yahoo pages, then my own domain name for a few years. But I was spending (way) too much time on the formatting and pictures and other things so I abandoned the personal site for a year or so. Now, I have resurfaced on blogger/blogspot. The primary reason I have a web presence (in this case a blog) is to let my family know how I am doing. I live near Pittsburgh PA and they all live on the West coast.

I have a tendancy to write between the lines and I am sure those of you that know me, can see that. I also write point blank. Sharing some things that many might think are a little too personal. I also write to keep my creative juices flowing. Lately, or actually because of, it has been therapeutic.

Becky from and I have been trying to keep in touch. I contacted her after finding her blog in a blogger search. She had already donted her liver to her brother and blogged to share her story with others. Since she was a few steps in front of me, I wanted to know what it was like. I have also followed her brothers story in his blog Then there is Ed who is waiting for a liver and his blog is here they are permanent link on the right of this blog but I want to encourage you all to visit their blogs and also send them a note or leave a comment.

I mentioned last night in the weekend update about my message from Becky. Although I have never actually talked to her, she has been a form of encouragement for me.

I referenced recognition in the opening of this post. When I read Becky's blog this morning, she mentions me in a way that brough tears to my eyes. It's one thing to write, but to read about yourself brings on a new reality. Seeing the word "rejected" (in reference to donating a liver) and my 2007 project have become very REAL now. I was rejected! I am doing a project that sort of started out as a personal challenge. But it can be bigger. Much bigger.

Thank you Becky. You have brought tears to my eyes. (It's all good!)

Here is a quote from her regarding her scar at nearly one year post donation
"..... the scar runs perfectly vertical down the middle of my torso, so from a distance it just makes me look like my abs are a little more ripped! And of course, when I look at it, or feel it, I remember Joe and the whole experience, and I swell with pride and faith in miracles, so it's a part of me I wouldn't give up for the world."

While I won't experience the donation. I can encourage all of you to search out your personal beliefs regarding organ donation. Live or after you pass away. Please discuss it with a family member.

Here are the current OPTN numbers.
Waiting list candidates as of today 8:01am
All 94,378
Kidney 69,248
Pancreas 1,764
Kidney/Pancreas 2,408
Liver 17,039
Intestine 239
Heart 2,848
Lung 2,851
Heart/Lung 142
All candidates will be less than the sum due to candidates waiting for multiple organs

Transplants performed January - September 2006
Total 22,010
Deceased Donor 16,876
Living Donor 5,134
Based on OPTN data as of 12/01/2006

Donors recovered January - September 2006
Total 11,188
Deceased Donor 6,057
Living Donor 5,131
Based on OPTN data as of 12/01/2006

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