Monday, December 04, 2006

Voting ends December 8th


I had three images accepted to a magazine. I mentioned the JPG magazine in a previous post. Now my images compete against all of the other images that were submitted. In order to get published, they have to be voted IN.

Basically, I have to "pimp my pic".

The images were submitted to the three themes for JPG issue 8. "Embrace the Blur", "Intimate" and "Tourist". If you decide to browse the other pictures to see what I am up against, or if you want to find one that is actually better then mine, there are some racy images that were submitted to "Intimate". You might see some boobies.

What's in it for me? Money and fame of course. Why else would I do this???? For love, yeah....right.

Send everyone the link to my blog. I would have you send the links of the actual voting pages, but that would be pushing it too far. I should just be happy you are reading my blog, but nooooo, I have to push the envelope.....must have more, must have mooooorrrrr.

If I am chosen with any of the below images, it will also help fulfill one of my life goals (I blogged about this earlier too), which is getting published NATIONALLY.
JPG magazine is available at Barnes & Noble and other large book sellers.

Click the images below to vote.
I'm not sure if you can vote for each image, but I am pretty sure you can. Since each image is in a seperate theme for issue 8.


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