Thursday, December 21, 2006

Prepare for new years eve

Yeah, I know, I might be donating my liver why would I be drinking? Well, I am not. But I will. A little. LOL

I don't drink often and have NEVER been drunk. I despise the thought. AND those that do it often.
I enjoy a really good glass of wine a few times a year. But they are few and far between. My wife and I have actually found two we both like. One is a sparkling wine from Italy called Elmo Pio (about $9 a bottle). The other was a red wine we had when we went to dinner a few months ago. Of course, I cannot remember it off hand, so you wil have to trust me.

Since it is the holidays, many will use it as an excuse to buy a champagne for dinners or new years party's. Most sparklers are Brute. Elmo Pio is an Asti. Don't know the difference, then head here for a little primer on selecting a bottle of the bubbly.
This is the link:

Yes I have had the cheap (you can't get much cheaper than 9 a bottle) and I have had the expensive (Dom Perignon and Cristal). Perhaps it is my tastes, the Elmo is more drinkable. It is sweeter and because I am already so sweet, it's a great match.

So if you are not familiar with any wine. Have a party. Invite all your friends and family and have everyone bring two bottles and have them pay 25-40 dollars a couple to attend. Then go buy a bottle (or two) of something no one will buy on their own. Then put all the bottles in their own paper bags, then have a tasting party. No one gets drunk, serve some food and enjoy the friendships stories and fun.

I am sure a few will say that that's not Christian. Well, I won't argue here.
But I will say that alcohol is a chemical that affects your body and mind. Not much different than nicotine, caffeine or mood altering medications for depression, anxiety or illnesses. Some are prescribed by a person that has attended medical schools. Others are bought over the counter. It's up to YOU to determine the amount and wether it should be ingested.

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