Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm torn

Looking at this blogging thing a little closer. I love the fact that Heather at Dooce is actually making a living at blogging. How cool is that? But when i am only getting a few hits every few days, it's not a reality. I could probably have better luck being a walk on place kicker for the Steelers next summer.


I mirror this site and all the posts on WordPress just in case this site goes down (which it has) but I think Google got the idea that no one was happy with what was going on in Oct/Nov when the site was down FREQUENTLY. It's very stable now and they have a beta version of blogs that seems to be going very well. POOF! (See you didn't even notice I switched over to the beta version).

Anyway, WordPress is the technology behind many people that are using a domain name and blogging that way. How do you (or I) know. I won't bore you iwht the details. But each has it's strengths and weaknesses. I think WordPress is designed for websites and people that really ant to use the strength that it's capable of. Blogger, is geared for growth, but is lacking several features that would be nice. One is the export capability. I cannot export my posts easily on Blogger. WordPress you click export. I can also import from Blogger into WordPress so all my comments get carried over too. I like that.
I guess I will use the WordPress for my book and Blogger for....well. blogging.

Then there is Moveable Type.

.not that you all care.......

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