Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend update

It's Sunday night and the recipient is sick. He was pretty good yesterday and this evening I was told he was pretty yellow and stayed in bed all day. It could take weeks for him to get better, and he's not one to lie around. Gotta keep moving.
"The day's half over my 9:00 am." he will often say.

I have received some nice emails from my cousin (he has won awards in the last three Micro Cinema Fest film festivals in Chicago) and Becky (giver) chopped-liver blog. Thank you for the words of encouragement!

The blog hit 600. Thank you for those that do stop by. Don't forget to leave a comment every so often to let me know your there.
Since I sent the link to about 40 people, I think I must have alienated several of you or since I am not actually getting sliced open there isn't much to see anymore. I did promise pictures. Sorry 'bout that. Maybe next time. I would have figured about 20 hits a day or so. But it's averaging about 3 a day. It's a good thing I wasn't an accountant or financial advisor.

Not much else to report this Sunday eve. My first biz trip is already scheduled for Jan 8. Then I am sure it will be frequent from there through next fall.

Hug your kid, kiss your parents and smile at the clouds for they bring rain.

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