Monday, December 11, 2006

I like it, I really like it

According to a phone call I made earlier today the recipient is doing better. It could have been just a bout of the winter blahs.
He isn't deteriorating, but we have to be concerned with many things and knowing his normal temperment and activity level....we rush to judgement.

We were shopping Saturday and looked in a health food store for something that he can bring up his weight and provide some nutrition. Well, I jotted this little foray into the store down in my pea brain, and recalled it today. I headed over to the Shaklee web site and bought one of their "Meal Shakes." I remember my grandma using the brand when I was in Jr High and High School. The stuff really left an impression on me. I can only remember it tasting a bit like liquified cardboard. Yuuummmm! But she made it with 2% milk and ice so it was sort of like a smoothie. That tasted like cold cardboard. LOL
Anyway, a Shaklee shake and some toasted cheese (NO, not grilled cheese). Toast, from a toaster, then you put cheddar cheese on it then microwave it until it's just melts then salt and pepper. Damn! Brings back memories of swimming all day. Thanks Grandma F.

I went ahead and bought some. I will get it in a week or so then let you all know if it still tastes like cardboard. Honestly, I hope it does. I kind of liked it.

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